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Thru The Bible is a ministry that teaches the whole Bible throughout the world. The original version of the program was written by Dr. J. Vernon McGee and has been translated and produced in more than 100 languages ​​broadcast around the world. TTB is a 30-minute radio program broadcast daily in the order of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. 


The Women of Hope program provides meditations on God's Word, testimonies and music, as well as advice on household medical care, family relationships and spiritual teaching. Through this program, women in Cambodia can find rest for their souls and guidance for their walk with Jesus Christ.


Stories of the Potter is a 30-minute program for Cambodian oral communities, telling the stories of Jesus and the Bible through the spoken word. Through a combination of radio broadcasts, personal visits and follow-up work, TWR Cambodia is gently leading people to the healing love of Jesus Christ.


Happy Children Garden (HCG) is the Children Ministry Program in which a weekly 15-minute Bible story series for children of all ages. Each program teaches life applications as well as biblical traditions, customs, culture and the geography of the Holy Land so that children will have a more complete knowledge of scripture. Through these programs, listeners can learn songs performed by children in churches TWR’s team visits. They also can win prizes by sending in correct answers to questions about the day’s story.

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Youth will hear the gospel of Jesus. They will believe and grow as godly leaders and role models for the next generation.


We have TTB, TWT and ITM program. These program was airing at 17 local FM station around Cambodia. Beside the Radio program we have bible and radio project. We thanks God as he open the oppotunity for us to be able to shared the word of God to the  military officers.

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