•Domestic abuse


•Sexual and reproductive health

•Mental health: Most women keep their problems to themselves as they feel shame or looked down upon by others who know about them.

•Education: Many women stop studying and get married at a young age.

Background of Women of Hope in Cambodia

The Pol Pot regime and Khmer Rouge have left Cambodia's people shattered. In some villages, so many husbands were murdered that widows now outnumber men six to one. Forty-two percent of women over the age of 15 have never attended school, but instead they must work in farms and factories to support their impoverished families. Desperate for money, women and even little girls are forced into prostitution, where up to 60 percent are infected with HIV/AIDS. Without adequate healthcare, even childbirth is dangerous, as 473 out of every 100,000 deliveries results in the mother's death. Seeking to reach out to Cambodia's suffering women, Trans World Radio produces the Women of Hope program in Khmer, the official language of Cambodia. Radio can reach women where they live, no matter their social status, religion, or location. The Women of Hope program provides meditations on God's Word, testimonies and music, as well as advice on household medical care, family relationships and spiritual teaching. Through this program, women in Cambodia can find rest for their souls and guidance for their walk with Jesus Christ.

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