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Youth Ministry


As a result of the terrible Khmer Rough genocide, the demographics of Cambodia are tilted toward a younger population today, with the medium age of 21.3 years.


Side effects of these troubled times have taken a toll on the entire society and in some specific ways, toward a new generation of the young people. They have grown up in poverty, have been exposed to the likes of drugs, pornography, pre-martial intimacy, gangs, and violence in ways most adults have never experienced. Yet, these hope for Cambodia's future. We are so thankful that the It's Yours radio program got off the ground in 2005 to begin attempting to fill some of these needs.​​ Youth will hear the gospel of Jesus. They will believe and grow as godly leaders and role models for the next generation.

It's Yours! Program contains:

  • 30 minutes program

  • Magazine format

  • Music

  • Interview

  • Spots

  • Conversations

  • Read Listener’s Letters

  • Testimony

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