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TWR CAMBODIA ‘s philosophy rests upon the fundamental conviction that the Holy Bible is the Word of the Creator God; the Christian Church is the Body of Jesus Christ on Earth; and His Followers, Christians, are to share their good news with others. Therefore, TWR CAMBODIA is committed to preaching, teaching, and living the example of the Word of God:
  • especially that our Creator gives hope to the believer for a better way of life;
  • affirms the dignity of all men because they are made in the image of the Creator God;
  • assures all men of God’s love and concern for them;
  • provides forgiveness of sin through the death of Jesus Christ, in order that believers may one day live with Christ;
  • offers love, hope, compassion, and mercy to all Cambodians;
  • increases the believers’ knowledge of the Creator God and His teaching, that will benefit the body and soul, as well as the Nation.
The belief in these teachings, promises, and provisions of God are individual and voluntary on the part of the individual believer. Therefore, TWR CAMBODIA ‘s programs are informative and uplifting and are an invitation to believe these promises, based upon individual choice, rather than through condemnation or force.
 TWR CAMBODIA respects other religious and does not speak against another religion and does not participate in polities in any way. We uphold the laws of the country and pray for the leaders. We do not solicit money or advertise for commercial purposes. It is a non-profit organization.
The purpose of TWR CAMBODIA is to assist the local Church in her ministry of proclaiming and teaching the Good News of Jesus Christ to give hope to all Cambodians who wish to hear this message through the medium of radio and social media.
  • To assist the Church in Cambodia to produce Christian programs that:
    • teach the message of the Bible;
    • that meet the educational, health and social issue of Khmer in order to build them into better, healthier, more educated and productive  citizens.
  • To seek to broadcast such programs on local FM stations that agree to air them.
  • To assist the church in the follow-up of listeners who respond to the programs for information and in outreach to them, through informing pastors and working with them in this regard, upon request of the listener.
  • To encourage and promote the social welfare of the citizens of Cambodia.
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